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Duduzile Sokhela Life Development Institute conducts women empowerment programs. The organization empower women to take the opportunity of mobilizing to take back control of their functioning in all areas of their lives so that they are in a better position to fight all injustices against women. To date, the organization remains as a cornerstone of the women’s rights movement. When we are empowered, peaceful societies can be created, so we can all live in a society with thriving economy, with women in the epicenter of it. Without economic empowerment, women are nothing.  Capitalizing on women’s economic empowerment create opportunities for fairness especially in labor markets, it sets a new and relevant trajectory towards gender equality. Poverty can only be tackled effectively when all women participate effectively in economic growth.

Get a Broader Perspective from some of our Books

Author Duduzile Sokhela has written books which empower women, presents a wider view on issues around women and inequality as whole.