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The Institute has been established as a woman and girl organization in South Africa, Pretoria. Under the banner of the Institution, there is AfroFemme Women Guild Movement. AfroFemme is the Institution’s Business Trademark & Logo Registered with the Department of Trade & Industry. AfroFemme prints T-shirts, Cups, Wall Photos, embroidery and other accessories. As part of outreach AfroFemme Women’s Guild Movement (The Movement) was established with the purpose of not only empowering the generations to come but to make our women members entrepreneurs.

The Movement have a uniform worn by its members. Members of AfroFemme are women who have shown ‘Leadership Skills’ in certain areas of their lives. Not everyone will become a member unless go through a required process. A woman and subsequently a girl should first be identified as a leader and go through Mentorship Program until she is confirmed as leader of AfroFemme. Then qualify to be a member and qualify for benefits. Another benefit is that from the uniform or merchandise that we will be printing, each time you recruit a potential leader and the potential leader buys uniform, you will get a percentage.

Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of shaping and molding women and girls’ areas of life in South Africa. To diversify our member base; we are establishing organization branches lead by Regional Co-coordinators nationwide. Our organization revenues are still at the beginning stage and are expected to grow as more branches are established. For purposes of fundraising to make our organization sustainable, we have organizational merchandise in which is purchased by a member joining our Movement. Members in good standing, when recruiting a new member, and the new member buys the uniform, they earn a certain percentage of funds which is legally determined and is deposited into their banking account. There are great benefits to become a member of AfroFemme Guilds Movement.

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Author Duduzile Sokhela has written books which empower women, presents a wider view on issues around women and inequality as whole.

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