Duduzile Sokhela Life Development Institute



General Business Activities

The Institute has been established as a woman and girl organization in South Africa, Pretoria.  Under the banner of the Institution, there is AfroFemme Women Guild Movement. 

Duduzile Sokhela Life Development Institute conducts women empowerment programs. The organization empower women to take the opportunity of mobilizing to take back control of their functioning in all areas of their lives so that they are in a better position to fight all injustices against women…

Company Strategy

Learn more about what we belive in and what drives us as an organisation. 


To be a leader in rendering women and girl’s empowerment programs aimed at building their capacity in all areas of their lives.


To impact positively women and girls by strengthening their areas of life for them to be part of shaping and molding the society whose areas of life are balanced in that principles, norms and values are upheld and respected.


To provide effective and impactful services in transforming the areas of life of women and girls for them to influence positively the coming generations.

Core Values

  • We believe in treating our members with respect and faith
  • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our organizational functioning.

General Business Activities

  • Regional expansion in terms of establishing new branches nationwide made up of strong women and girls.
  • Increase our efforts of having women and girls whose areas of life are well developed and shaped that can influence positively the next generation.  the assets Maintain good investments of the organization to support the development of services focusing on women and girls.
  • To build good and reliable organization serving the interest of women and girls and to become a leading organization in advancing the interests of women and girls embedded in areas of their lives.

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Dudu Sokhela is a Philanthropist who is genuinely concerned about the well-being of children, including child -headed families. She is an advocate and a Social Worker in and out. Well done Dudu, sharing is caring.
Yes, Dudu is extremely hard working and goal orientated and very intelligent as well. I will certainly recommend her at any given time.


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Within the Private Space of Black South African Women

This book is not generalizing by implying that all black South African women are the same and behave the same or battling with multiple issues in certain areas of their lives, but reality has shown that the majority of Black South African women are at war with own selves. It’s a painful and sad reality that cannot be ignored.


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